Over the years we have perfected a wide choice of flavours and fillings.

Our own recipe moist rich dark fruit cake, with brandy soaked vine fruits and cherries.
flavours1After baking these cakes are fed regularly with brandy ensuring a moist, flavoursome cake for your wedding day.

We produce various sponge based cakes to your requirements, some of the more popular flavours are: Our tiered cakes can be filled with any combination of fillings, and include:

  • Plain sponge
  • Vanilla bean sponge
  • Zesty lemon cake
  • Moist rich chocolate cake
  • Chocolate orange cake
  • Almond sponge
  • Coffee sponge
  • Coconut sponge
  • Toffee sponge
  • Buttercream with various preserves (Strawberry, Raspberry, Morello Cherry and Bluberry)
  • Vanilla bean buttercream with various preserves (Strawberry, Raspberry, Morello Cherry and Bluberry)
  • Belgian couveture chocolate ganache (White, Milk, Plain or Caramel Chocolate) and complimented with raspberry compote, dulce de leche or praline
  • Gianduja Ganache
  • Chocolate Orange truffle flavoured with Cointreau or Grand Marnier if required
  • Baileys truffle in White, Milk or Plain Chocolate
  • Amaretto Truffle in White, Milk or Plain Chocolate

Each tier of your wedding cake can be a different flavour, depending on your taste and requirements. Mixed tier cakes can be placed in any order – fruit cake can go above sponge without any danger whatsoever of your cake falling down! Modafinil available at https://orderingmodafinil.com/ is a specific prescription drug, used for the treatment of ADD/ADHD, narcolepsy, etc. Unlike similar drugs, it does not contain amphetamines. In general, it provides a much more healthy effect than most of the popular cognitive performance-enhancing medications.

If you have any preferences or special requests of your own, do please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.